How to Enroll

Follow these Steps

1. Click Programs to review degree programs offered at WSMBCS along with associated course prerequisites and requirements. Choose the program and degree you would like to pursue.

2. Click on Course Descriptions to see a description of  each course needed for your chosen program.

3. Click Application complete then submit your registration application  to WSMBCS. We will process your application and contact you if needed or requested.

4. Select the Course Pay link and check the box next to the course you want to take your total appears at the bottom of the page along with the online payment form so that you can pay via credit card or Pay-Pal. You may pay by check as indicated on the application also, however, keep in mind it will take longer to process your enrollment.

5. Once we receive your application, registration, and course fees, you will be sent an email containing online instructions, your user name and password and link to the login window so you can began your degree work.

Make sure that you have Adobe Reader 8.0 or higher installed on your computer. All courses are in PDF format. If you have problems will your login or course download contact us immediately.


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